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December 16 2014

If you mark a post as "NSFW", it will not be exported to facebook

This only matters if you're using the facebook export, but I guess you knew that ...
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You need to mark your "adult" content as such

If you create adult content, such as nude pix or raunchy texts, you should mark them as such right away via the “NSFW” (= not safe for work) button during the post edit/creation mode or via the checkbox for the import.

If you don’t do this, and your privacy is set to public, people who want to surf Soup in a family environment won’t be able to do so, and may report you via the flag icon. This is when we will (sometimes even automatically) switch your whole soup to NSFW and let you know of the offending post so that you can learn what others (or we) consider NSFW.

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Only when you’re logged in you’ll be able to see “adult” content on /everyone

That’s right, there’s adult content on Soup, who would’ve known!

But alas, you need to be logged in to enable it on /everyone. Bummer. There are a few other perks to being logged in however, such as being able to ignore people and … HAVING YOUR OWN SOUP

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Got reported? You can get back on /everyone with just one click

When someone finds adult material in “safe” mode, they can report it via the small flag icon. After we review it (or, if enough users report it, immediately), the whole origin blog will be switched to “NSFW”, as we have to assume that someone didn’t read the manual :)

This means that all posts of the blog will be treated as if they’re adult material, even when the majority of the posts are not. So take care to mark all adult content posts at creation time - be it in the bookmarklet, on the blog, in edit mode or by setting the flag for the corresponding import.

Got reported despite being careful? Not to worry! Just see through your blog posts for any other NSFW posts, mark them (and, if applicable, the reported post from the notification) accordingly in edit mode, and then you can set the status of your soup back to “safe” in the “Content” section of the soups settings.

Beware: if you don’t actually take care of marking your posts appropriately and just continue to put porn back on /everyone, we may suspend your account. Showing dickpics to strangers may be fun to you, but the additional hassle is not fun for us.

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You can choose (not) to see “adult” material

When you’re logged in, you have the ability to switch to and from “adult” mode (or commonly referred to “NSFW” = “not safe for work”) in the top bar. This will filter out all adult content that we know about in all blogs and streams you surf to. If you visit a blog that is marked NSFW as a whole, you will need to enable NSFW mode to see it.

When you find adult material despite being in "safe mode", please report it via the flag icon, so we can set the originating blog to NSFW as a whole until they had a look through their posts.

Be mindful - if you're in "safe mode", you'll not see any NSFW content on your own soup either.

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November 03 2014

You can easily filter your Soup (and other streams)

There are a few parameters that you can add to Soup URLs to filter what content to display:

Filtering by content type
Add ?type= followed by either text, link, quote, image, video, review, event, or file to your Soup's URL to show only posts of this content type.
Example: http://kitchen.soup.io/?type=quote

Filtering by date
Add ?date=YYYY-MM-DD to the URL to show posts on and before that date.
Example: http://kitchen.soup.io/?date=2008-06-01

Filtering by text search
Add ?search=query to the URL to show only posts that contain the text 'query'.
Example: http://kitchen.soup.io/?search=blog

Filtering by tag
Add ?tag=tag1,tag2,... to the URL to show only posts that have those tags.

To combine these filters, join them together with the & character.
Example: http://kitchen.soup.io/?type=quote&search=blog
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May 31 2014

You can scroll soup with your keyboard

You can use the keys J and K to navigate any streams; J brings you to the next post and K to the previous one.

For very long posts you can jump to the top/bottom using shift-J and shift-K.
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May 05 2014

You can help us find and remove illegal and commercial content with just one click!

Below every post, next to repost and react, there is a little flag icon. Click it, and you can choose to mark the post as either spam, nsfw (not safe for work) or illegal.
  • Spam is any content that is obviously used for link building/page rank sculpting, is of commercial nature and has no value beyond generating trends on google or flat out advertising a product or linking to another website.
    An artists personal etsy page however would be perfectly alright, so use some common sense.
  • NSFW is any content that you deem not safe for work, i.e. where you have the impulse to close your browser when opening soup at work.
    We will learn from this from you, and in a few weeks, we'll have better guidelines for that than we have now :)
  • Illegal is any content that is illegal (as opposed to "offensive") according to austrian law. Basically, this means child pornography, bestiality, calls for violence, calls for re-introduction of Nazi rule etc.
    We will honor requests for removing content that involves personal information, leaked selfies, copyright issues etc, but you need to mail team@soup.io for that. This is done on a good faith and case-by-case basis. Pressing the illegal button will only disqualify you from reporting other instances of illegal material.

Since we manually review all reports of any kind, we do not take kindly to abuse, and will react with appropriate measures, such as shadowbanning or account removal.
Also note that SEOs can not use this to remove their old spam. We take a fee of 150EUR per SEO spam blog removal, please contact team@soup.io for further information.
The new flag icon on the left side on a soup is used to identify the blog itself - which means the description, title, css or background. Do not use this for example to report a single post or generally spammy posts in a soup - in that case, report single posts.
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February 20 2014

If you set your Soup privacy mode to "friends only", people can not repost from it

Not just can only friends (people you follow) of yours see your Soup, but they also can't repost - only react!
While on the internet nothing is truly private, it reminds friends that the content on a private Soup (or just the fact that it is on that particular soup) is not intended for public distribution.

February 14 2014

The soup bookmarklet can help you cut and paste content from any website directly into your soup

We are not facebook - you can easily editorialize any content you post to soup in a way that feels right to you. Be it a quote, an image, a video: whatever it is, you can not just put your own comment on it, but also shorten it and add your own title, description, additional links and change the overall presentation!
And all that just by pressing a tiny little bookmarklet button in your bookmarks bar. Don't have it yet? Then drag and drop it from your admin panel - you'll find it there in the upper left corner - to your bookmark bar. It's easy as sou-pie ... ouch.

If you post an image that is hosted on soup, it automatically becomes a repost of the original

Like, try posting (via your bookmarklet or just by posting it from your soup) http://asset-4.soup.io/asset/2835/0348_44d6_390.png - it will automatically become a repost of http://brystol.soup.io/post/221818769/art-of-scrolling.

That way, if you post your original content on soup, and someone links to just the image on twitter, all posts of the image on soup will be reposts of yours, and not new posts!

(note: for privacy reasons, this does not work with images that are the same but have a different path on asset-x.soup.io. It also disregards non-public soups.)
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You can find out who posted an image on Soup if you only have the URL of the image itself

Everytime someone posts an image on soup on twitter, you instantly go "Awwww, I wish I'd know who posted that!"
And rightly so. Well, now you can find out! Just replace the asset-N part in the URL with whatthepost, so for example if you have an URL like http://asset-4.soup.io/asset/2835/0348_44d6_390.png just replace the part before .soup.io with whatthepost like so: http://whatthepost.soup.io/asset/2835/0348_44d6_390.png - and you will be promptly redirected to the original post. But only if the original soup is in privacy mode public, otherwise you'll get an error.
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