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Got reported? You can get back on /everyone with just one click

When someone finds adult material in “safe” mode, they can report it via the small flag icon. After we review it (or, if enough users report it, immediately), the whole origin blog will be switched to “NSFW”, as we have to assume that someone didn’t read the manual :)

This means that all posts of the blog will be treated as if they’re adult material, even when the majority of the posts are not. So take care to mark all adult content posts at creation time - be it in the bookmarklet, on the blog, in edit mode or by setting the flag for the corresponding import.

Got reported despite being careful? Not to worry! Just see through your blog posts for any other NSFW posts, mark them (and, if applicable, the reported post from the notification) accordingly in edit mode, and then you can set the status of your soup back to “safe” in the “Content” section of the soups settings.

Beware: if you don’t actually take care of marking your posts appropriately and just continue to put porn back on /everyone, we may suspend your account. Showing dickpics to strangers may be fun to you, but the additional hassle is not fun for us.

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